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Buy 5F-MN24 Powder online

Buy 5F-MN24 Powder (also known as 5F-NNEI and 5F-NNE1) is an indole-based synthetic cannabinoid that is presumed to be a potent agonist of the CB1 receptor and has been sold online as a designer drug. Given the known metabolic liberation (and presence as an impurity) of amantadine in the related compound APINACA, it is suspected that metabolic hydrolysis of the amide group of 5F-NNE1 may release 1-naphthylamine, a known carcinogen.

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1. Pharmacology
2. Legal Status:
3. Chemical and physical data
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5F-MN-24 is understood to be a CB1 agonist, like most indoletype cannabinoids. Its metabolism liberates amantadine, a compound closely related to APINICA, and both chemicals have been found in forensic samples as an impurity. Matabolic hydrolysis of 5F-MN-24’s amide group is believed to release 1-naphthylamine, which is considered a carcinogen.

Legal Status:
5F-MN24 is banned in Sweden and in the US state of California, but is not known to be prohibited in any other jurisdiction or country.

5F-NNE1 is not approved for use as a treatment, or with humans or animals in any way. Do not consume the substance, and do not let it be handled by anyone other than trained professionals.

Chemical and physical data
Formula: C24H23FN2O

Molar mass: 374.459 g·mol?1

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